Catching Up on Rehearsals part 2

The second unblogged rehearsal happened the Sunday when everyone came home from fall break.

We started back up where we had left off with our paired up stories. We all took about 15 minutes to work in our pairs and combine our stories. I told everyone not to talk about the story behind what they had performed, but to link together what they had presented. I also told them that they may have to compromise parts of their story to make the partnered story cohesive.

We then performed our partnered stories for the group and talked about what we saw. We decided that we saw three stages of a relationship and talked about how we could link all three stories together. We then tried this. Everyone seemed to enjoy this activity a lot. We had fun deepening our characters and finding new things to add to our story. At the end of rehearsal, I asked everyone to write down their character’s story to revisit later. The scenes that we created may not make it into the final product, but some of the characters or situations could.

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