The Long Haul

Last weekend we had a four-hour rehearsal. I was afraid that we would all be exhausted after the first two hours and ready to be finished. However, the rehearsal was extremely productive and went by quickly. I went into the rehearsal worried that we had not made enough progress so far and that our performance would feel unfinished. However, after that rehearsal I was confident that the pieces that we have created to have a structure and are able to fit together. We have been working on so many different pieces and have explored so many different ideas. Its been great because the cast is so creative and forthcoming with ideas, but it also makes it difficult to know where to go next. All of these ideas did come from one central idea though so I knew that they fit together is some way.

So last week we started off with a warm-up. We really enjoy warming up to music. We just pick a song and then move to it any way that it moves us. Usually we go for about 2 songs. Then these songs will be used later for our preshow music. At this rehearsal we actually talked about having out typical warm-up be our preshow. So as the audience is coming in, we would all be moving about doing whatever we pleased while the music is playing.

After our warm-up, we talked about Hilary-Ann and Kelly’s conversation from a previous rehearsal. I wrote down important points from the conversation—there were a lot! We reduced this conversation down to just a paragraph that we all feel was very poignant.

During the conversation about the conversation we also discussed a title. We came up with I Want. This came out of the core of what our piece is based on, which is our individual wants.

After this, we decided to do some animal work. We had cut the animals, which we were originally working on, but in this rehearsal, we decided that it did fit with what we have been working on.

After we figured out these bits, we talked about how to fit everything together. This led to talking again about Hilary-Ann’s conversation again and how to make the dialogue physical. Hilary-Ann’s want in the production is “I want to be important.” So we took this bit of dialogue and talked about how to show that. We tried a few different things. We talked about building Hilary-Ann up to be the highest person. We talked about having her cross from one side of the room to the other using all of the people in the room. We talked about her building a tower to climb up. So we tried a few of these, but Hilary-Ann felt like there wasn’t a struggle and all of these wants that we have do have a struggle. So we tried a movement where each of us wanted to be on an equal level, but Hilary-Ann wanted to be the highest person. This worked the best, so this is what we have decided on for right now.

After figuring out Hilary-Ann’s movement, we felt that we needed to solidify what we had decided on for my movement. My want is “to be the best.” So we have decided on the song “Babel” by Mumford and Sons, and I am waking up to this song abruptly and beginning my day. I have a very important task to do and then when I stop to breathe, I see Ian. This transitions into Ian’s movement. His want is “I want to know myself.” In the start of this movement, he and I meet and fall in love. We ran all of this together and then took a well deserved 10 minute break.

After our break, complete with cupcakes, we sat down and listened to a podcast that was shown to me by one of my professors. This podcast was of a Ted Talk given by Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Pray, Love. She talked about artists and where their ideas or inspiration or “genius” comes from. I felt like this talk was very important to our piece as we all talk about what we are striving for, or what we are striving to become and we are all artists. We discussed the podcast afterward. This discussion will probably be put into the end of the piece.

After that, we continued working on Chelsea’s part of the piece, which I have described previously.

Finally, we started working through the piece from the beginning. We didn’t get through it all the way, but it felt great to leave this rehearsal with a structure.

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