Getting Ready to Perform!

I haven’t had much that’s exciting to say about our last few rehearsals because we’ve basically just been going through the show and figuring out what goes where and who does what; fitting all of the pieces together. This has actually been a longer process that I thought it would be, which made me kind of nervous. However, today we got it set! We are finally happy with the order and we have transitions to move from one section to another. Actually, we figured out today that when we transition from person to person, we will hand something off. This idea came when I was watching a past rehearsal and listening to our conversation. Hilary-Ann said something that I thought was very poignant. She said that she believes that, as actors, we give a little piece of ourselves to the audience. I though maybe it would be nice if we “gave a piece of ourselves” to each other when we transitioned to the next section of the piece. So we’ve decided that we will have a necklace with a mirror on it that will be passed from person to person. I think this brings some unity to the piece and helps to tie all of the individual stories together. Now, we just have to keep rehearsing the piece until Saturday so that everyone feels comfortable. I’m really happy with the journey that we’ve made with this piece. Its been a lot of fun to work with this cast and I feel that we’ve all gotten closer because of this project. I’m so excited to show our work to an audience. They may not completely get what we are trying to say, but I think each person can take something away from it. I like art that doesn’t give you all of the answers and I think this piece is an example of that.

Anyway, at this point we’re really just getting ready for the performance. I’ve been hanging posters, making a program, and putting together all of the music that we’re using during the performance. I also think it will be interesting for us to have an audience because we have put some pretty personal things into this piece and I feel that, as a group, we have grown pretty comfortable with sharing these personal things, having an audience will add a new dynamic of people that we’re not necessarily that comfortable with. Still, that should make for an exciting show! The performance is next Saturday April 13, 2013 at 8:00 pm in the Math and Computer Science Building at Baldwin Wallace University. All are welcome!