I wrote this last weekend when I had some spare time and a piece of paper, but I haven’t been able to post it until now! Here goes.

Last weekend we worked with Chelsea for a short rehearsal. Three of us shouted things at her having to do with the different roles that she has. By roles, I mean the psychological concept of the different jobs that we, as humans acquire, like daughter, student, girlfriend, actor. I feel that Chelsea is a very good example of role conflict and so we exhibited that by having her do an activity (a dance class) while we shouted these things at her to make her feel the role conflict. We talked about how it made her feel and what she would do if she did not have role conflict; if she didn’t feel the need to fulfill each role completely. We will do this again after I make lists for all of us of things that we could shout at her. This will build into her breaking out into a dance that she/we will choreograph.