Setting Our First Scene

Last weekend, we worked on putting two bits together that we have worked on previously. This will eventually become a set scene in the piece. We put the bit with Kelly and Shaun together with a bit that Ian and I did a while ago. First, in order to do this, we had to finish the movement between Kelly and Shaun that we had worked on in a previous rehearsal. I took Shaun’s place for the time being and we were able to finish the movement and work out some other movement for when only one person is talking. Then we went back to a bit that Ian and I did a while back in rehearsals. We sort of recreated what we had done before, but kept it improvised. We also started improving dialogue. Then we picked some places, in the scene that Ian and I had created, to pause and have the dialogue that Kelly and Shaun had created spoken. The first time that the dialogue was spoken, we had only one side of the dialogue spoken by one person, while the other person simply faced away from them. Then Ian and I continued with our scene and we found another place to stop. Next we decided that the one sided dialogue needed some movement as well. We brought out a white sheet that was in our rehearsal room and the two people played tug of war with it while only one person said their dialogue. This activated the dialogue much more. We came up with a movement that could be done for the first half of the dialogue as well. The sheet was dropped by the person who is speaking and the person who is not speaking tries to give the sheet back to the speaker. The speaker does everything s/he can not to get the she back in her/his hands. This is where we ended out first rehearsal that weekend.

When we came back together on Sunday, Kelly and I did the movement that we had finished for the dialogue between she and Shaun. Then we had Kelly and Shaun do the movement. We were unsure which coupling we liked better. We decided that, in combining these two scenes, we would make the partners fluid so that one couple wasn’t together for the entire scene. This was difficult to maneuver, but we figured out a switching order and some transitions and tried it out. This was rough, but it gave us an idea of how the scene will go and how to transition between partners. We also decided that during the bit that Ian and I originally created, the actors would not talk.