Catching up on past rehearsals part 1

I have neglected to blog about our last three rehearsals. So now I will do a synopsis of each of them!

Our first unblogged rehearsal was the weekend of fall break. We met up so that I could give the cast a task after our last rehearsal. Our last rehearsal was awesome, but it didn’t exactly lead us in the direction that I thought it would. So I felt like we should continue exploring the things that we discovered in the last rehearsal. I gave all of the cast members the task of coming up with an activity that explores the question that they asked in the previous rehearsal. I gave some examples of devising methods that I have been reading in various books. Some of these include Viewpoints, telling individual stories, creating unfinished scenes or songs for the group to finish, and many other activities that would probably sound goofy if I tried to describe them.

We then did my activity since I could have something prepared. The question that I had asked in our previous rehearsal was, “How has your culture affected you?” What I saw in everyone’s movements at first was a lot of isolation. I then started to see people reaching out to each other and even using technology maybe to reach out to people.

I told everyone to think of a time when they have felt isolated and to show us that moment. We all took about 10 minutes to develop out stories and then we presented them to each other. I then had people pair up with someone that they felt they had a connection with and the pairs performed their stories in tandem. This created a cool new story as the two stories combined. This is where this rehearsal ended, but I told the pairs to think of ways that they could now connect their two stories together to make a cohesive story.